Day-care: $30*plus tax per day

Boarding: $45*plus tax per 24hrs with owner's kibble food

    - $2.50 extra per 24hrs with owner's raw food

    - $2.50 extra per 24hrs with medications

    - $50*plus tax per 24hrs with North Toronto K9 Centre food (kibble or raw food)

* You pay for the days that you book.

* We do not offer grooming or bathing services.

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone


Puppy School: $320*plus tax for 8 sessions

Obedience Group Class: $320 plus tax for 8 sessions 

Private sessions: $100*plus tax for 50mins - 1hr.

 *owners MUST do private sessions first before Obedience Group Class

In-home Sessions: $120 *plus tax for 50 mins - 1hr

'** In-home Sessions pricing is the same for Distraction training and In-home Puppy.

Private Sessions for Sport: $120*plus tax 50mins - 1hr

Board & Train: $1000*plus tax per week (minimum three weeks) *please contact for further inquiries before booking

If you are interest in booking your dog into our facility please see the Contact page