Puppy School

Our Puppy School is the perfect place to start you and your puppy off with training!

Classes runs Monday nights at 6:00pm.

Puppy School

How it works:

Our puppy school comes in packages of 8 classes. You must sign up for all 8 classes. Each class is the same (i.e there are no tiers or grade levels etc.).  

Each session of our Puppy school is split into 3 sections

1. Basic Obedience: We teach you how to teach your dog basic obedience cues such as; sit, down, heel, come (recall) and stay.

2. Confidence building: You and your puppy will jump, climb, sit on and walk across all different equipment in our confidence park. This teaches you how to react when your puppy is nervous or scared and starts to give your puppy confidence and bravery.

3. Socialization: All the puppies in the class are let free on our training field. This teaches the puppies how to play, bite inhibition and how to interact with other people. As well as teaching you, the owner, what is good play and what is bad play and how to get your dog back on leash. Socialization is the most important part of a puppy's life and so, is the most important part of our class. 


What you need:

- A LOT of high value treats (a high value treat consists of a treat that the puppy will only get for training and is very very special to them. Their kibble will not work.)

- A flat collar (NO halters, prong collars, choke or martingale collars, muzzles or gentle leaders)

- A short leash (best leash is 4-6 ft. NO Flexi leashes)

- Water (water will be provided but bring your own if you wish)


Our class syllabus details what you will learn in each session as well as a description of what to expect and more. Click the link to download.

Class Syllabus

Please print off, sign and bring the liability release to you first class

Liability Release

First Puppy Ever?

We provide In-home sessions as a service for first time dog owners to help you settle in your new puppy, ask questions and learn helpful tips to becoming the best owner you can be! Check out our In-home sessions page or contact for more information!

In-home Sessions

How to Book:

Please call or text us at any time at: (647)-519-5653


Other Important Information:

* Please do not feed or walk your puppy before class. The most easily trainable puppy is one with a lot of energy. It is very important that all the puppies have a lot of energy and food motivation. So, please keep them quiet before class.