Private Sessions

Having trouble training your dog? Are you finished Puppy school and looking for the next step?

Book a Private Session with our trainer for one on one attention for you and your dog.

Get any questions you have answered.

Work on your problem areas.

Start training your dog the right way. 

Private sessions are the next step after puppy school and before obedience group classes.

If you dog is too old for puppy school you will start here. 

How it works:

Each session is 50 - 1hr and costs $100 

What you need to bring:

- A LOT of high value treats (a high value treat consists of a treat that the puppy will only get for training and is very very special to them. Their kibble will not work.)

- A collar of your choice.

- A short leash (best leash is 4-6 ft. NO Flexi leashes).

- Water (water will be provided but bring your own if you wish).


Distraction Training

"My dog is great at home but any time I leave my house it's like the training just falls out of his head!"

You might need distraction training. Our trainer will meet you at a busy location outside our facility and help you teach your dog how to handle distractions and take your training to a whole new level! 


How to Book:

Please call or text us any time at: (647)-519-5653

*Note: Our spots fill up fast so give us a text as soon as you are sure you want training.


Other Important information:

*In order to have the best training experience please wait to feed your dog dinner until after class. Also, please keep your dog quiet during the day. Dogs need a lot of energy and food motivation to train.